We invite you to join the Central Illinois Orchid Society. Membership is only $15 for the first member and $25 for a couple. Click on the read more for a printable PDF. Please mail the form and check as directed or bring them to the next meeting. Hope to see you soon!

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Next Meeting

Who We Are

Central Illinois Orchid Society was founded in 1958. Our members come from Champaign-Urbana and surrounding cities.

Affiliate of

​​​We had a very successful Zoom meeting on the 8th.    It was great meeting several people who joined the Society at the Show and Tell last year.  The majority of the meeting time was spent on self introductions and show and tell of blooming orchids.    

Our next meeting will be on March 8 at 6:30 p.m. again (2nd Monday of the month), and will feature a grower in Michigan.  Dr. Kristen Uthus is the owner of New World Orchids, located in Manchester, MI.  She will be speaking on miniature orchids.  If you are a member, the Zoom link will be e-mailed to you.  Non-members--please send your request using the e-mail address  under Contact on this website.  We are investigating the possibilities of ordering prior to the talk. 

Stay tuned!  

The link and other details woul


. . . to the Central Illinois Orchid Society web page. We are a diverse group of people interested in growing and/or enjoying orchids. We welcome anyone to attend our meetings and events whether you have never grown an orchid or you are an experienced grower.

Our mission is to:

  1. Exchange orchid-related information among orchid hobbyists;
  2. Provide a forum for disseminating orchid-growing information through educational programs offered to its members and the public;
  3. Support local and global orchid conservation efforts;
  4. Enjoy the fellowship of others who share a fascination with orchids.